I. Item details

Product description: CASHEW NUTS (Raw cashew nut, Salted cashew nut with kernel, Light Blemish Whole (LBW), Scorched Whole (SW), White Whole (WW), Dessert, Broken)

Product number: 6113

II. Packaging: Customized packaging

III. Quality and grading:

  • Raw cashew nut
  • Salted cashew nut with kernel
  • Light Blemish Whole (LBW): (LBW 240, LBW 320)
  • Scorched Whole (SW): (SW240, SW320, SW450 )
  • White Whole (WW): (WW210, WW240, WW230, WW450 )
  • Dessert: (DW, DW2, DW3, DWT)
  • Broken: (WB, WS, LP, SP, SB,SS)


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